Novecento Frozen, stone washed

The Novecento cutlery is characterized by the fluid, flowing line with beautiful soft glares. Don't be fooled though, with its matt appearance this series looks tough and rough, but it is just as smooth and soft as its family.

Unalterable in time, the stainless steel 18/10 ensures the maximum hygiene and safety in contact with food, it guarantees excellent performances and durability and it mantains its brightness in time.

Stainless steel knife forged and tempered with steak cutting blade.

Finishing: Frozen - “frozen” effect

The special high tech satin finishing, obtained through a specific treatment with ceramic microspheres, gives characteristics: exceptional strength • pleasantness to the touch • the peculiar "frozen" effect • smooth and homogenous finishing • anti-scratch • fingerprint resistant.

Unlike traditional satin finishing, this treatment allows to wash the cutlery even in the dishwasher.