Splitscreen set, suitable as screen for tables, desks and bars

Article number: Splitscreen

This screen provides optimal protection for your guests and staff! With the supplied 2 clamps that keep the screen upright, it is easy to fix it on a table, desk or bar. It is easy to move and offers a luxurious look. Can be used both indoors and outdoors. Be hospitable without worries with this practical solution for the 1.5 meter social distancing.

To reduce the impact on the environment, as little as possible
polycarbonate is used, while not losing its functionality and luxurious look. The Split|Screen is also flexible. The table won't move when you walk against the Split|Screen.

Is your Split|Screen broken or no longer necessary? You can bring back your Split|Screen to us. We guarantee that it will be recycled and used again in the chain. This way you contribute to reducing the impact on the environment. You will also receive a coupon based on the number of Split|Screens and weight, which you can use on the Stylepoint range with your next order.

Dimensions screen: 125x70mm
Dimensions screen clamp: 50x15mm

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