Table lamps


We offer you different systems of table lamps:

- Hollowick: Cartridges (disposable refills) and their accompanying glass tealights

   → Burns for up to 42 hours, depending on the cartridge
   → Odorless
   → No smoke attack
   → No candle wax
   → Safe, flame goes out when cartridge falls over

- Moonlight Mini: Cartridges (disposable refills) and their accompanying plastic tealights

   → Remains lit, even with wind
   → Burn for 60 hours
   → No smoke damage
   → For indoor and outdoor use

- Moonlight Outdoor lamp: Cartridges (disposable fillings) and their accompanying plastic tea lights

   → Patterns burn for 120 hours
   → No smoke damage
   → Housing resistant to UV, heat and cold
   → Safe: flame goes out immediately if Moonlight falls over