Customer Service

Welcome at TX-Horeca!  Nice that you found us.

Do you have questions, for example about an item, your order or shipment of your package?

We are happy to help you, via phone or e-mail.


E-mail       [email protected] or please fill in the file.

Phone       +32 (0)11 70 77 71

TX-Horeca is a part of E.L.S. bv


Our company information:

E.L.S. bv

Veldstraat 99.1

3500 Hasselt, Belgium


Phone nr (+32) (0)11 70 77 71


BTW BE 0871 146 409

1.1 Can I order products on this webshop as a consumer?

Unfortunately no.  But do contact us via mail at [email protected] and we'll get you in toucht with a few of our retail customers in your neighborhood.

1.2 Do you work with dropshipping?

We do not work with dropshipping -the conditions for online businesses and the traditional ones are the same. We deliver to the delivery address assigned to the account and this cannot be constantly changed. In addition, we take responsibility for any problem with the product or shipment through a direct management with you. We cannot manage the requests of third parties that are not in our database.

1.3 Is it necessary a minimum order?

Yes. Our orders have a minimum amount of €100.

1.4 Where can I see the stock of an item?

The stock of our products is not shown to our customers. If you want to know about one in particular, you can send an email at [email protected]. 
Once you've placed your order, you will receive an order confirmation via mail with price, availability, delivery time and transport costs (for Benelux free shipping costs from €250 onwards). 

1.5 Can I make an order below the minimum order and have the postage paid?

No. We have tried to adjust our amounts to the maximum so that all kinds of retail and wholesale businesses can reach the minimum amount without much difficulty. In addition, it is important that you know that behind every order, there is a job at the warehouse, administration and sales and it is important to keep to it in order to ensure certain order profitability.

2.1 Is my order final when I enter it in the webshop?

No it isn't.  We first check the quantities, the availability and the shipping costs.  Then we send you an order confirmation and an indication of the shipment date by mail.  If you agree to this, you pay the total amount in advance by banktransfer.

The moment you've paid and sent us a payment proof (the latter is not necessary, we check our bank account every day, but it may speed things up if it's urgent) we proceed with your order.

2.2 I want to add items to my recently made order. How can I do it?

We recommend that you call us and we will check it personally. First, we will check that the current order has not been issued yet and, in the event that we are still on time, we will manage it and add the item with the shipment. In case you need it, our phone number +32 (0)13 55 50 63

2.3 When will I receive my order?

The shipping depends of the product and of the quantity you order.
We distribute several brands.  Of most of the brands we have stock available in our warehouse and of a few other brands we don't have stock as we easily and quickly can get it from our distributor.
We'll contact you if it takes more than a week to ship it to you.  But you can always ask us at [email protected] or call us at  +32 (0)13 55 50 63

3.1 What are the payment terms?

Payment can only be done by bank transfer in advance, but please DON'T pay immediately at the moment you've place your order!

- First you will receive an order confirmation via mail with price, availability, delivery time, ... via e-mail;
- In this order confirmation we'll also mention the transport costs (for Benelux free shipping from €250 onward)
- When you agree with this order confirmation, the total amount mentioned on this order confirmation has to be transferred to our bank account.
- The moment we receive the money, the goods will be shipped to the delivery address you specified.

Our account information:

E.L.S. bvba - TX-Horeca

IBAN: BE28 3350 1626 4320

Klaverbladstraat 13b - 3560 Lummen - België
Tel 0032 (0)13 55 50 63 - [email protected] -

3.2 Where can I find my invoices?

Our normal way of sending you our invoice, is by adding it to the shipment. 

Please send us a mail to cheers@tx-horeca if you want to receive it via email.

4.1 Do you ship internationally?

Yes, of course. We have clients from more than 30 countries, so we will surely find the way to send your order.

In The Netherlands and Belgium you pay no shipping costs for orders over €250,00, excl VAT.  The shipping costs for orders with a lower order value are €7,95 excl VAT, regardless its weight. This rate applies to the deliveries in The Netherlands and Belgium.

For shipments to other countries we request the costs (these may vary by weight) and we state this in your order confirmation.

4.2 When will I receive my order?

We always try to ship your order as fast as possible. 

As soon as you've placed your order, you'll receive an automatic order confirmation.

Within 48 hours, we'll check if we have your ordered products on stock.
If they are on stock, we'll send you an official order form via mail.
If they are not on stock, we'll contact you about the delivery time.

The moment you pay the amount mentioned on the order via bank transfer, your package will be made ready for dispatch in our warehouse and will be offered to BPost or GLS (depending on order size). Usually your package will be delivered within 1 to 3 working days (in the Benelux) to the specified delivery address. 

Of course you can always ask us at [email protected]

5.1 I have received a broken product. What should I do?

First of all, it is a pity to read this. You have two working days to make any order claim together with a picture and the product reference of the broken product.

If it is due to an agency transportation break please also take a picture of the outer and inner packaging if it is visibly dented or torn. Don't forget to write it down on your own receipt and on that of the transportation agency.

If it is due to a quality issue, a picture of the broken product is fine.

5.2 I have received fewer units than the ones specified in the delivery note. What can I do?

If after checking your order you see that there are missing products, we recommend that you contact us within 48 hours, or by mail at [email protected] or by calling +32 (0)13 55 50 63.

Sometimes our warehouse manager combines several types of products (if there are only few items ordered per reference) in one packaging and people don't always open all boxes immediately.

5.3 I have received items that I had not ordered. How do I return them?

First of all, thank you for your honesty. To notify the reception of more items than the ones appearing in your invoice please send us an email to [email protected] or call us at  +32 (0)13 55 50 63.

5.4 I have received less parcels than those notified in the order and delivery.

It is essential that when you receive an order you check that the parcels which have arrived are the ones noted in the order. If not, you must write it down on your own receipt and on that of the transportation agency and contact us afterwards. After checking this incident, we will contact you to explain what happened and the solution to your problem so you can have the orders at your business as soon as possible.

Please send an email to [email protected] or call us at  +32 (0)13 55 50 63.

5.5 How long to inform about the incidents?

Remember to check the order well when you receive it, it is very important that you notify any breakage by the transportation agency or defective products due to quality within a maximum period of 2 working days. After that time, returns will not be accepted.