Tableware with edge chip guarantee

Chip guarantee conditions:

Chip guarantee means that the plates are replaced free of charge if a chip breaks off the edges of the plates.

Stylepoint BV offers the following guarantees;

  • 5 year chip guarantee on selected from the collections: Jersey, Tinto, Amazon, Porcelite Seasons and Porcelite white.
  • Lifetime chip guarantee on selected items from the Q Performance collection.


When registering chipped tableware, a clear picture of the chipped plates must be provided in advance.

The plates that are chipped may not be thrown away until further notice from Stylepoint BV.

The warranty applies only the products of first choice quality, from the invoice date and is only valid on presentation of the original invoice.

This warranty applies to the flaking of the edges (chipping) during normal use (cooling, serving, washing and storing) and professional handling.

All cases of chipped edges caused by unusual or improper use, as well as breaking the porcelain or parts thereof are not covered by this warranty.

Stylepoint BV reserves the right to investigate whether the edges are chipped during normal use by the products that concern the complaint on site. If necessary, Stylepoint will request to return all relevant products so that the company can further assess them.

If the complaint is justified, the products in question will be replaced free of charge and will be returned with the next shipment.

The damaged products become the property of Stylepoint BV.  The original warranty is not renewed or extended by the complaint or the performance provided under the original warranty.