Konro grill & Binchotan charcoal

Konro Grill

The Japanese word 'Konro' stands for any heat source that is related to cooking.

The traditional Japanse konro grill is usually made of a natural material, such as clay, to withstand very high temperatures and also to distribute them evenly. As a result, the grill retains a lot of heat and you can grill quickly and effectively, without burning your food.

The juices of the meat or vegetables that fall on the charcoal evaporate very quickly, giving the meat or vegetables the soft smoky aroma. The meat will also cook and brown nicely on the outside, while the juiciness is still delicious on the inside.


Konro grill in use

The Thaan Pok Pok charcoal that we offer is ideal to use for the Konro Grill:


Long burning, clean and natural. Thaan Charcoal is 100% sustainable, no smoke, reusable charcoal. Thaan Charcoal is made from fruit wood sawdust, which imparts a mild flavor, letting your grilled food shine. Thaan Charcoal's consistent, hot and even heat is easy to cook with, and is great for any style of charcoal cooking: grills, barbecues, and indirect for that low and slow cook out. It is particularly good where binchotan charcoal is traditionally used such as yakitori or hibatchi grilling. Extinguish Thaan Charcoal by cutting off air, and it can be reused multiple times.



Thaan Charcoal is ideal for commercial use in restaurants and other food service operations. The long burn time means you will use less charcoal, and the consistent heat gives you more control over your final product. Thaan Charcoal doesn’t break up in the box, and it leaves less ash than other briquette or lump charcoals, which means higher yield and easier clean up for you and your team. Thaan Charcoal can be extinguished and reused for maximum efficiency. It is a fantastic, affordable alternative to binchotan charcoal.