Reserva is simple in shape but also very strong. In addition to an attractive price, it is therefore very suitable for intensive use in the hospitality industry.
The glass has been tested and approved for at least 2000 washes.

Reserva is one of the collections of the popular break preventing and lead free series Nude Crystalline.

Break preventing wine glasses

Wine glasses often have break at the following three different points: during the polarization, when it is put back in the crate (then the foot often breaks) and when the glass falls over on the table.

The three series Reserva, Fame and Primeur are break-resistant on the following three points:

     • The glasses are strong enough for polishing.
     • The foot is reinforced because it consists of one piece and the shape of the foot is inclined.
     • If the glass falls over, the glass does not break. It is therefore also safer for children and pets
        in the restaurant.